Types of services provided by our warehouse complexes

  • Operational works on common, customs warehouses and temporary storage
  • Terminal processing of wagons and containers 
  • Warehouse accounting and control of client`s inventory
  • Repackaging and destruction of defective products
  • Transportation of goods in Kazakhstan
  • Rental of warehouse and office space
  • Service of temporary storage warehouse (TSW)
  • Manipulation of product
  • Responsible storage of goods with different categories
  • Services of operating processing products: handling operations, sorting of goods, rejection
  • transportation services
  • Logistics services for railway
  • Computerized warehouse management of system (WMS)
  • Customs Brokerage Services
  • Services of certification of goods 
  • Production of Metro-units
  • Secondary packaging
  • The destruction of substandard goods

Warehouse and Logistics

Office furniture


Heating systems