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“I would rather hire a man with enthusiasm than a man who knows everything" - John Davison Rockefeller, the first dollar billionaire in the human history


We offer

  • interesting job in a stable, dynamic company;
  • opportunities for professional and career development;
  • positive working environment in which every employee has the opportunity to realize the potential to the full extent;
  • decent salary;
  • various corporate events.

What we expect from you

  • We will be happy to accept in our team motivated, hard-working professionals and young professionals with an active lifestyle, ready to take efforts to achieve results.




USKO International is a team of professionals. Specialists are the main and the most valuable asset of the Company. Human resources are the source of our competitive advantage, along with other resources of the company. The well-known name, principles of business, and dynamic development attract young and energetic professionals to join USKO International, bringing new ideas. The teamwork allows to successfully implement projects of any complexity, ensuring a high reputation of USKO International in the market.


USKO International is a great team united by one goal, but at the same time it is creating conditions for self-realization of each employee. The daily practical experience and ongoing training, both internal and external, form a strong team of professionals. Human resource policies of the Company leave no room for stagnation of its employees, we provide for constant professional growth, strengthening and developing the abilities inherent in the employees, giving an opportunity for continuous learning and development, working out and implementing efficient incentive schemes which contribute to the achievement of high results in work. We guarantee the value of every employee, decent work remuneration and also self-realization within the business.

If you have the qualities that are valued in our companies, are willing to work seriously and aim for success, we are waiting for you to contact us. Your feedback is most welcome!


The list of open positions is given below.



  • Requirements: Higher education in the field, work experience in a similar position of at least 1 year.



  • Requirements: Higher legal education, at least 3 years experience of working with contracts and claim-related work.





Warehouse and Logistics

Office furniture


Heating systems