Our company “USKO International” has been providing for more than 20 years a range of complementary services that allow you focusing on the essence of your business, getting new productivity tools, and thereby increasing success. Since its establishment in 1992, “USKO International” is dynamically developing in the Kazakhstani  market, using the most advanced equipment and technologies. We will help you build or upgrade your office, install modern heating and ventilation systems, create a productive working environment, and arrange for efficient operation in the supply, storage and circulation of goods.


On behalf of the company I wish to express special thanks to you for your continued support and loyalty shown during the entire period for our company when very important steps are taken to ensure a stable future for all of us.


Once again, I want to thank you for your cooperation with our company. Partnership for us has always been and will be our priority as strong partnership relations, in our opinion, are the key to our overall success.


On our part we guarantee to become your reliable partner and carry on business relations efficiently, productively and transparently.


Yours sincerely,

Kim Youn Soo,

President of USKO International

Warehouse and Logistics

Office furniture


Heating systems