The 18th Annual Buran Boiler Dealer Conference was held on May 21, 2015 in the conference hall of Altyn Kargaly resort hotel in Almaty.

The conference was attended by Director General of Buran Boiler LLP I.V. Tupikov, Deputy Director General in Marketing K.N. Kuchin, General Production Manager A.G. Kim, Heads of the Marketing Department, Project Department and Service Department, and also by more than 20 representatives of dealer companies from all over Kazakhstan. This was a great opportunity for the dealers to get the latest information at first hand and to ask questions.


During the meeting, the participants were presented the analysis of the boiler equipment market trends, told about the development of sales policies and plans for 2015. In addition, during the technical part of the conference the new products were presented: improved automation of low-power boilers, upgrading of the exterior of medium-power boilers, manufacturing launch of deaerators, development of standard modular boiler houses, opening of the new regions to export boilers.


The representatives of the dealer companies, in their turn, talked about their successes and achievements over the past period, shared the experience of promotion of the products produced by Buran Boiler LLP in the region and discussed issues related to the development of the company’s dealer policies, pricing and discounts. The arrangements were made to conduct master classes for selection of special equipment, rapid chemical analysis of water, advanced training of the employees of the dealers by the experts of Buran Boiler LLP on installation and commissioning.


At the end of the meeting all the participants were given the authorized representative certificates confirming their rights and powers within their regions.

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